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Ghostly Mystery at the Citadelle

Online puzzle game

One of the Citadelle’s captains has found a medal he does not recognize… this mysterious medal starts emitting a strange energy. Thus creating a rift between the world of the dead and our own. Three historical figures with ties to the Citadelle have crossed into our world and taken the appearance of ghosts to haunt the fortress! Each of them is kept there by two objects they hold dear, but the ghosts will need help to find them and thus return peacefully to their world.


Use your imagination and logic to complete the 6 puzzles.

2 Levels of difficulty: Easy (10 to 16 years old) and Intermediate (16 years old and over)

Duration: 60 minutes and more

Lien pour achat : https://r22er.com/produit/mystere-fantomatique-a-la-citadelle/