The Musée Royal 22e Régiment is a museum of military history with a collection of over 13,000 artifacts relating to the careers, lives, and stories of soldiers from the 17th century to the present day. Its collections include medals, uniforms, accessories, vehicles, weapons, fine arts, and trench art.

The collections draw on the Citadelle's historic stores as well as on gifts from Royal 22e Régiment members, their families, Canadian and foreign military personnel from other units, and civilians.

The Museum's collections draw on the North American legacy of Canadian, French, and British military heritage and include the following:

Medals and Insignia

  • Medals from New France to the present day
  • More than 300 sets of medals, decorations, and orders awarded to Regiment members
  • More than 1,500 regimental badges
  • The most complete First World War cap badge collection in Canada
  • Canadian Expeditionary Force medals and insignia

Uniforms and textiles

Uniforms from the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War

  • Regimental and royal colours
  • Combat accoutrements
  • A scarlet Royal 22e Régiment full-dress uniform


  • Firearms: flintlock and percussion cap muskets, rifles, pistols, and revolvers
  • Edged weapons: bayonets, daggers, swords, sabres, falchions
  • Heavy artillery: French and English cannons, carronades, mortars

Fine and Decorative Arts

  • Drawings and prints by Durnford, in the Rutherfords Fonds
  • Paintings by Iacurto, Huot, Lebon, Richard, Anwar, Comfort, and Forbes
  • Sculpture by Louis Jobin and from the Lauréat Vallières Collection.

Other Outstanding Pieces

  • Trench art: war materials transformed into artistic works
  • French and British Regime maps and plans
  • The Grenier Miniatures Collection comprising close to 300 lead soldiers and accessories
  • Trophies, silverware, dinnerware, war souvenirs


For donations 

In order to complete the necessary documentation, treatment and transfer of ownership, we will accept donations from January 1  to November 15.

Please make an appointment with the collection archivist. 

Miriam Schurman
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