temporary exhibition


December 4, 2014 to September 8, 2015

In 1914, the First World War broke out in Europe. In 2014, the canadian mission in Afghanistan ended.

The Parallel photograph exhibition parallels the work of the first war photographers on the battlefields during the Great War and the photographers of the Canadian mission in Afghanistan.

To underline the historical, technological, and human connections between these two periods, the Royal 22e Régiment Museum presents an adaption of the Parallel exhibition created by Canadian Forces Combat Camera, the photographic branch of the Canadian Army, by integrating elelments from its own collections. Seven pairs of photos from the Museum’s archives show Van Doos soldiers in sometimes difficult situations on European and Afghan soil.

The Parallel exhibition, comprising a total of 17 pairs of photographs, shows the similarities between these two periods with realism and aestheticism.

The exhibition is enriched by a display case showcasing five pairs of objects used by soldiers during the First World War and during the Afghanistan mission.

An activity booklet for the Parallel exhibition is available for children at the Museum Boutique.

Access to the temporary exhibition is included in the general admission price.


Have you filled out the activity booklet at the Museum? If yes, find the answers here. 



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